List of Scholarships for Disabilities

Finding a good list of disability scholarships has many advantages for students who are disabled. First, it’s a time saver to have lots of disability scholarships all together to read about rather then having to research a particular disability scholarship one by one. If there was one central location to have the top scholarships for disabled students all together then disability students could then apply to them much quicker with a better chance of winning one.

Good old libraries for a listing of disability scholarships

Libraries a a good source of getting your hands on a list of scholarships for disabilities. You just want to make sure that the list of scholarships is updated on a regular basis because you can spend a whole lot of time on applying to outdated disability scholarships. Your time is much too valuable for that.

Look into the disability clubs and organizations

Disability organizations and clubs such as the National Federation for the Blind or the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing are great places to inquire into a list of disabled scholarships. These organizations and club are set up for the sole purpose of helping their members and this is tops on their list – education. There may not be a better resource then this to find a disability specific list of scholarships. Almost all disability websites will have a listing of scholarships for the disabled posted on their website someplace. They do this as a courteously for all members.

Updated disability scholarships websites

There are a few good up to date websites which has a listing of disability scholarships that are good also. Again, you want to make sure the list are current. Old and outdated list of disability scholarships are sometime just plain worthless and time wasted. Find websites which look and feel newer and present information clearly.

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