List of Scholarships for Art

 list of art scholarships

If your an art student looking for student aid then a list of scholarships for art would be helpful. Do you dream of pursuing a career as an artist or in graphic arts, visual arts, culinary arts or performing arts? If so, you should know that you can find a wealth of information about art scholarships at This website is specifically devoted to providing resources to college bound students who are seeking information about art scholarships and grants.

The cost to attend college can be expensive and art schools can be even more so. Taking advantage of all available resources for art scholarships and grants can help you to greatly reduce your own out of pocket expenses and also eliminate the worry over taking out student loans to finance your education.

One thing to keep in mind when looking through the list of art scholarships is that there are actually many different types of art scholarships and grants that may be available to students at If you have plans to attend art school or college or if you have a particular artistic talent you may well qualify for one of these art scholarships.

One of the best ways to begin determining which list of art scholarships you may qualify for is to consider your talents as well as your goals. Merit and academic scholarships are available to art students. A merit scholarship does require applicants to have artistic talent, but you must also demonstrate academic achievement by having a minimum GPA and/or certain ACT or SAT scores.

Academic scholarships do not require you to have a certain artistic talent, but you may need to demonstrate an interest in a certain art form. You must also usually be able to demonstrate strong ACT or SAT test scores and have a minimum GPA in order to qualify for an academic art scholarship.

You will also find portfolio scholarships on the list of scholarships for art students at These types of art scholarships are primarily based on artistic skill you have demonstrated at some time in the past. Along with being able to demonstrate strong art skills, you must also be able to provide a portfolio that is put together well.

Portfolio scholarships are typically awarded to photographer, interior designers, painters and performing artists. There are also some art scholarships available that are need-based. This means that you must be able to demonstrate financial need in order to qualify for one of these art scholarships. Along with financial need you may also be required to show community involvement, academic achievement and/or artistic talent.

The list of art scholarships also offers opportunities to apply for general art scholarships and institutional scholarships. Institutional scholarships are typically only available to students who will be attending a particular university, college or art school. Those scholarships are solely administered through that facility.

General art scholarships are offered by various businesses, organizations or even private individuals. By taking advantage of this list of scholarships from you will be one step closer to realizing your dream of pursuing a career in art.