List of Bursaries and Scholarships

List of Bursaris

If you’re seeking to find a list of bursaries and scholarships, and who is a college student who needs to find funding to complete a higher education then can help you to locate all of the resources and information you need to apply for bursaries and funding for college. With the rising costs of attending college, it is important to research all available funding opportunities. Bursaries are one way to do that.

Bursaries offer one more option for paying for your college expenses. The list of bursaries scholarships found on this site are available in a wide array of different forms. If you are from a low-income family there is actually quite a good chance that you may qualify to receive assistance through a bursary program.

Both colleges as well as governments from various countries provide bursary programs to help cover the gap that is sometimes experienced by students from low-income families.

Bursaries may also be offered by businesses as well as non-profit organizations. In some cases, businesses may choose to offer bursary funding in exchange for future employment or service. If you are a recipient of this type of bursary scholarship you may need to agree to work or volunteer for that company or organization for a specified period of time following graduation. As this website points out, this type of agreement is legally binding and if you do not fulfil the obligations of your agreement you may be required to repay the scholarship award.

When applying for college bursary scholarships it should be kept in mind that such scholarships may be need-based as well as merit-based. This means that you will typically need to meet certain academic standards in order to be eligible to receive funding through those bursary programs. Disbursement amounts from such bursaries may vary from one program to another and can be based on a variety of factors, according to this site. For instance, your geographic region and income may play roles in determining how much funding you can receive through a bursary scholarship.

It is important to carefully explore the list of scholarships and bursaries at and apply for as many such programs as you think you may be eligible. You will have a much greater chance of successfully receiving an award with the more programs for which you apply.

Bear in mind that some of the programs represented on this site’s list may be specifically for students majoring in certain fields or planning to enter certain occupations, such as engineering, teaching, medicine, etc. Also, many bursaries are only offered in certain countries and not others. Always carefully read through all of the eligibility requirements to be certain you do in fact meet each set of criteria before applying.

The list of bursaries and scholarships found on this website is an excellent tool for economically disadvantaged students to use in researching the various funding opportunities that may be available to them for college. The more money you can accumulate to pay for your college education the less you will need to be burdened by student debt in the future and the easier it will be to focus on your studies.