List of Disability Scholarships

list of disability scholarships

List of Disability Scholarships

Are you trying to find a list of scholarships for disabilities? offers a range of information for students with disabilities who are seeking scholarships. Trying to find funding for college can be a challenge for most students. For students with the added challenge of a disability, every bit of information can certainly be useful. Around the country, there are hundreds of thousands of people who live with some form of disability on a daily basis. There are numerous companies, organizations and foundations that have established monetary awards specifically for assisting disabled individuals in achieving a higher quality of life by completing a college education. Scholarships for the disabled make this possible.

As this website points out, disability scholarships are numerous. You will find an extensive list of scholarships for disabilities on this site if you take the time peruse through the many options. This site is also helpful in offering information about unknown grants and scholarships for students with disabilities. This site is also helpful in providing not only information about disability scholarships offered by various organizations, but also disability scholarships available through the Federal government.

While at one time it might have been difficult to locate a list of disability scholarships, it is now much easier as a result of a federal law passed in 1975 known as the Disabilities Education Act. As a result of the passage of this act, disability scholarships have been facilitated and educational institutions are now prevented from segregating students with disabilities. The Act was later amended in 2004 to ensure it operates in accordance with the changing social landscape and technological improvements.

The number of disability scholarships offered by various organizations and even the federal government can be quite extensive, but as this website points out you may also be able to find scholarships for disabled students through various colleges and universities. This has come about has there has been increased recognition that individuals with disabilities are just as entitled to receive educational assistance as students without disabilities.

The types of disabilities for which scholarships are available is also quite exhaustive. Not only will you find there to be scholarships offered for students with physical disabilities but also learning disabilities as well. In addition, the severity of an individual’s disability is irrelevant. There is almost no category of disability for which there is not some type of assistance offered for students who have a desire to complete their college education. Scholarships for students with disabilities can be found at all levels, including undergraduate and graduate levels.

Along with finding a list of disability scholarships this website also offers information that can help educators and educational institutions in making their classrooms and facilities more disabled friendly. The type of assistance that may be available includes funding for video conference facilities, larger screens, technological devices, etc. If you suffer from a disability or you educate students with disabilities, this website offers a wealth of information that can make the education process easier and less cost prohibitive.