List of Canadian Scholarships

listing of canadian scholarships


Do your goals include obtaining a college education from a university or school in Canada? If you’re looking for a list of Canadian scholarships, then can provide you with a list of scholarships for Canadian students. Not only will you be able to make use of information regarding how to find scholarships in Canada, but you can also learn more about the way the bursary system in Canada works.

According to this website, the bursary system provides funding for college through programs that are available provincially. Overall, the bursary system can be quite helpful to many current and prospective students, but it may not cover all of the expenses you will encounter in funding your college education. Students in such situations may be able to benefit from Canadian scholarships to help them cover the gaps left by the bursary system. A good list of scholarships for Canadian students can help to cover an array of expenses, assuring you do not have to worry about taking on a massive amount of student debt.

From this website you will find a listing of Canadian scholarships that are available throughout the country. Many of these Canadian scholarships are merit-based. This means that community involvement and academic achievement are considered with a higher priority than other eligibility factors in selecting scholarship winners.

You should also understand that while you might expect Canadian scholarships to only be available to citizens of Canada that is not always the case. In fact, according to this site, it is a good idea for international students to apply as citizenship requirements do not always apply. This can make it much easier for foreign students who are considering attending college in Canada to fund their education.

When applying for the opportunities listed on the list of Canadian scholarships for Canadian students found on, there are a few tips to keep in mind. For instance, many Canada scholarship programs will require you to submit an academic transcript. There may also be other elements that are taken into consideration when determining eligibility such as leadership roles, community service, extra-curricular activities, etc. If you are not a citizen of Canada you may also need to demonstrate legal residency in order to apply for a Canadian scholarship.

When browsing through the list of Canadian scholarships be sure you pay careful attention to the eligibility requirements as well as the deadlines to apply. Like many scholarship programs, Canadian scholarships can often be highly competitive. This is why it is imperative that you apply for such scholarships as early as possible. The earlier you send in your application the greater your chances will be of being selected as a scholarship recipient.

While the Canadian bursary system is a great place to start in funding your college education, do not overlook the many scholarship opportunities that are available to Canadian students across the country at the website of These Canada scholarship opportunities can help to pay for expenses the bursary system may leave uncovered.

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list of canadian scholarships

List of Canadian Scholarships