List of Scholarships for Poetry

A nice list of scholarships for poetry can be found at This poetry website has a listing of the top poetry scholarships today and easily explains all about them. Some websites are difficult to follow but not this site – it’s easy reading.

Some of the list of poetry scholarships discussed are the Patriot Pen Essay Scholarship Contest held every year sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW). The Patriot Pen is a written essay scholarship contest held for grades 6, 7, and 8. This program was created to instill patriotism into students by providing them the opportunity to express their opinions in relation to the annual theme, which is about their views on democracy.

Another top poetry scholarship contest in this listing of poetry scholarships is the Young Authors Head Start Program. The YAHSP is a high school essay contest for scholarships in writing sponsored by Elder & Leemaur Publishers. It’s open to all high school students. The aim of the YAHSP is to encourage youths to examine opportunities in professional writing careers. Some of those careers would be novel writing and current events or even journalism.

If you’re tired of all the war and fighting in the world, then the Barbara Mandigo Kelly Peace Poetry Contest offers you to share your positive ideas on peace & human spirit through poetry itself. You do not have to be an adult to qualify either. This merit award is offered to (3) age categories which are Youth (under age 12), Youth (aged 13 to 18), and Adults over the age of 18.

There are many other poetry contest and a list of poetry scholarships from and it’s fun reading too.

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